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We are a non profit organization,  dedicated to increasing awareness to the issues of Transcultural Nursing, to promote cultural diversity in nursing, and propose solutions when  problems of bias or conflict arise. Information on this web site is based on our twelve years of travel experiences, research, study and analysis of different cultures and subcultures we have worked with.

 In rural areas and Urban centers we have cared for Hispanics, Asians, Africans each with their own cultural customs and world view. We are involved in volunteer field work in remote villages of Latin American and Caribbean countries. Locally we provide assistance and home health care to Hispanic and Haitian migrant workers. 

Our web site, work shops and guest speaker appearances are focused to introduce students and nurses to the basic concepts of transcultural nursing, to increase awareness and promote diversity in health and illness among nurses. Our web-based, interactive teaching and learning content serves as a resource to educators, nurses and students anywhere who are interested in using technology in education.



Victor Fernandez RN BSN Emergency / Critical Care 

In our travels we have experienced cultural differences that create conflict and misunderstanding in delivering healthcare. We have learned that transcultural health care requires a holistic and culturally relativistic approach. Treat the patient as a whole person, do not assume that patients will view the world the same way that you do; they may have different values and ways of looking at things.



Kathy Fernandez RN C BSN Critical Care

All nurses must come to value the concept of transcultural nursing in order to be able to address more effectively, the health care needs of a growing diverse population.






Do not make assumptions and do respect differences.
Recognize that other people's views are just as valid as yours.



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