Solar-Powered Gadgets for the Home

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Installing solar panels to power your home can save your family money and reduce your carbon footprint in the long run. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the money to buy a full solar power system. Nevertheless, an increasing number of gadgets for the home are powered by solar energy. Some of these items, like a solar powered attic fan, can potentially save you a lot of money. Others are just cool and useful to have around. Solar-powered fans: A solar-powered fan can help reduce air conditioning costs as well as electricity costs. A solar-powered attic fan, such as this Honeywell device, can have an especially big impact in reducing your air conditioning bill. It can also reduce mold-causing moisture that can accumulate in attics. Solar-powered chargers: There are all kinds of solar-powered chargers. These include include solar-powered charging stations that can charge multiple gadgets at once. There are also solar battery chargers as well as solar chargers for specific devices, such as solar iPad chargers. Solar-powered chargers are especially useful for when you’re traveling and can’t get to an electrical outlet. Solar-powered landscape lighting: Solar-powered landscape lighting is the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient way to light up your yard. The outdoor solar lighting category includes floodlights, garden lights, path lights, entry lights, motion-activated security lights and more. Solar-powered flashlights/lanterns: A solar-powered flashlight or lantern can help ensure that you won’t have to deal with the frustration of a dead battery during a power outage or emergency. Some solar-powered flashlights, including this solar-powered LED flashlight, also have a backup power source in case the solar charge runs out. Another interesting solar light is this solar-powered water bottle cap, which turns your reusable water bottle into a lantern. Before buying solar-powered gadgets, be sure to check reviews, as some items work better than others.