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6 Stylish Ways to Wear Flats For Winter Without Freezing

“Aren’t your feet cold?” is most probably the very first thing your co-worker asks when she spots you in a couple of apartments . . . in the course of Winter. There could be snow at the floor and large frozen puddles at the sidewalk, however whilst you truly love apartments, no season — or the elements — will forestall you from dressed in them. We get that, which is why as a substitute of telling you to no longer put on apartments as soon as the temperatures drop (it is already came about at the East Coast), we are offering choices on how to taste them for Winter.

Whether that suggests making an investment in a adorable pair of socks or fancy tights, you’ll be able to no doubt stick to your favourite sneakers choice with out freezing your feet off. Read on for 6 tactics to taste your apartments as a result of afterwards, the stroll from the educate to the place of job would possibly not really feel so horrible anymore.

— Additional reporting through Marina Liao

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