Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Had a Fashion Moment Every Couple Could Relate To

While Angelina Jolie is without doubt one of the maximum fashionable girls at the crimson carpet, that does not imply the entire characters she performs are as much as par. But in her self-directed movie, By the Sea, Angelina took at the function of Vanessa, an unbelievably sublime lady dwelling in France all the way through the ’70s. One style merchandise she’s all the time were given available? A pair of oversize shades.

The significance of the accent is printed in Angelina’s Nov. 2015 duvet function for WSJ Magazine:

Jolie used to be similarly painstaking about By the Sea‘s 1970s length cloth cabinet — together with her oversize shades, which [Brad] Pitt’s personality, Roland, helps to keep righting for his spouse after she tosses them, a lot, onto tables, a mini pas de deux Jolie took from their former marriage. “Brad hates that I always scratch my glasses,” she stated, including that within the movie, the gesture presentations that Roland nonetheless cares for her personality, Vanessa. “Even when he wants to punch her in the face, he still fixes her glasses!”

While Angelina and Brad did not endure the similar troubles as their characters, we adore the poetic license Angelina took, turning a easy couple’s quirk into a weighty image for her film. Whether you might be looking at Angelina on display or in the street, there is not any denying the woman seems to be excellent in her sunglasses, from aviators to a fierce cat-eye silhouette. Read on for 17 photos which can be natural evidence.

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