Are Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Worth the Hype? Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Makeup Makeup Brush makeup brush cleaner Makeup Brush Cleanser

Are Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Worth the Hype?

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Makeup brushes are an integral a part of flawless make-up software. Cleaning those brushes turns into a time-consuming and labor-intensive process when you have numerous make-up brushes. I at all times sought after to simplify this procedure and gave this electrical make-up brush cleaner and dryer – which I’ve been seeing so much in my social media feed – a take a look at. So, are such gear price the hype or must you steer clear of them? Let me inform you!

Are Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Worth the Hype


Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Tools
This machine no longer best washes your brushes, it dries them up too. The one who I attempted had following attachments:

1. Cleaning Bowl – A vessel to pour water and washing liquid in order that we will be able to dip in the brush to urge cleansing.
2. Motor Head – A battery-operated hand held software with a transfer to facilitate computerized cleansing. It has an possibility for plugging in the brushes for cleansing.
three. Brush Heads – Different sizes of brush heads are equipped in order that we will be able to plug in the suitable brushes into the motor head.
four. Drying Cap – An array of brush heads to plug in the washed brushes for drying the identical.

How to Use:

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Demo

To use this software, combine water and washing liquid in the cleansing bowl. Then, take the required brush head and plug the corresponding brush to it. After this connect the identical to the motor head. Now, dip the brush into the cleansing bowl and transfer on the motor. The brush begins to spin by itself while you press the ‘on’ button. This spinning cleanses the brush. This procedure can also be repeated till you’re happy with the effects.

Once the brush is wiped clean, we wish to take away the brush from the bowl and then press the motor button once more in order that the brush spins once more, which ends up in a semi-dried brush. After this, the semi-dried brush must be plugged into the drying cap to make the brush totally dry. This is the complete strategy of computerized cleansing and drying. This would possibly sound easy, however in fact, it’s time-consuming and calls for some guide job.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers How to Use


Now let’s speak about the efficacy of this machine. The cleansing procedure would possibly glance simple nevertheless it’s extraordinarily arduous and dull, no less than for me. The brush heads are a ache to make a choice and no longer all brushes have compatibility into the equipped heads. Though the brush heads are adjustable, positive brushes don’t have compatibility into them, which is just a little of a letdown.

The cleansing procedure is in fact the spinning of the brush head in the water and this isn’t very similar to the exact scrubbing, which we generally tend to do manually. This obviously signifies that the spinning on my own isn’t sufficient to scrub the brushes totally; this being stated, this cleaner cleanses the brush as much as 70%, which questions the exact efficacy of this machine.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Drying Spin

I will be able to undoubtedly say that despite the fact that the cleansing is questionable, the drying is tremendous rapid and simple with this one. Spinning provides you with a snappy dry and brings out 90 % of water in simply two mins. The last ten % can also be dried through the usage of the drying cap. This machine is cool however urgent the button once more and once more for cleansing is dull. And I believe my fingers transform drained and numb.

Moreover, this device finally ends up destructive the brushes as they’re spun once more and once more. The maintain of certainly one of my reasonable brushes cracked just a little as a result of this machine. I didn’t get the pricey brush cleaner cum dryer however all of them paintings just about the identical.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Before and After


• Dries the brushes in a few minutes
• Easy-to-use
• Does no longer eat numerous time
• No wish to scrub the brushes


• Brush heads can not have compatibility each and every brush
• Spinning doesn’t be sure optimal cleansing of the brushes
• Tiring procedure
• Can injury the brushes


Though this instrument was once created to simplify the whole strategy of brush cleansing and drying, I don’t assume it does anything else strange or life-changing. I’d have most popular it had they advertised it as a drying software. Overall, I believe the core cleansing phase is compromised and the high quality of the brushes will get affected. In conclusion, I’d say this software is a leave out.

That’s it for lately, other folks. Hope you loved the put up. Wishing you all a contented, wholesome and wealthy new 12 months. 🙂

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Are Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Worth the Hype?

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