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Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips Review

Hello IMBBians,

Before I had picked up Collistar Glycolic Acid, I had purchased those face strips as I used to be experiencing some small breakouts. Since merchandise from Balea are affordable, I check out them regularly and nowadays’s evaluate is all about Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips. Read on to understand extra!

Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips Review

Price and Quantity: $2 for three set strips.
Product Description:
Balea SOFT & CLEAR Anti-Blackheads Face strips are efficient towards acne and blackheads. The energetic component aggregate of salicylic acid and tea tree oil frees the outside on brow and chin of impurities. When used steadily, the outside trend is subtle and the improvement of blackheads is pre-determined.
WHEN: if essential after cleansing.
WHERE: on brow and chin. HOW: 1. Moisten the brow and chin. Strips with blank, dry fingers from the movie. 2. Lay the stripes on brow and chin and gently press. three. Allow to react for 10-15 mins. Then slowly peel off from the facet. Wash face with lukewarm water.


My Experience with Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips:

Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips Review Front

The face strips are available a slight thick pocket envelope-like design. There is a few knowledge at the again. Inside the pack, there are three sachets every containing 2 items one for chin and brow. There is knowledge on those sachets too. I typically use the face and nostril strips in combination as it will be a very simple cleanse in at some point. Inside the sachet, there’s a strip that incorporates each the brow and the chin strip. The brow strip is lengthy spherical U-shaped and it’s intended to be positioned in between your eyebrows and above. The chin strip is a bit of shorter and is in a field U-shaped. The strips are white in colour and have a mild perfume which jogs my memory of Vichy Norm merchandise. The strips are smaller than I assumed, however peeling and the usage of them is straightforward.

Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips Review Back

The utility is very similar to that of a nostril strip. You cleanse, rainy the outside and observe the strip and take away after 10-15 mins. The face strips are beautiful small and they don’t quilt all the brow however simplest the middle section. The product attaches itself to the outside completely. The adhesive is beautiful excellent. The strips include salicylic and tea tree oil, either one of which might be identified to fight pimples. The strips do harm so much when it’s pulled. It in an instant reasons redness in that house however fades away beautiful temporarily. If you could have delicate pores and skin, it’s higher to keep away from this one. It hurts much more than the standard strips I’ve used. If you could have a pimple or two within the house, remember to skip those. I had a nearly therapeutic pimple and I made a mistake of the usage of the strip on it, the strip ripped out that pimple too, inflicting a vacant spot and a bit of bleeding which remained as a mark on my chin; it truly seems to be terrible!

Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips Review

The strips, from time to time, can pull out the hair too. I’ve rarely had any blackheads in my brow house however I’ve whiteheads underneath my lips, so I take advantage of the strips as soon as a month for an intensive pore cleanse. Even although the adhesive could be very sturdy, it fails to drag out the blackheads nevertheless it eliminates all of the dry flakes and whiteheads in an instant. The pores and skin feels extra subtle and natural. It additionally makes the world comfortable. The pores get cleaner and are relatively smaller. The product isn’t a treatment for pimples however reduces the semblance of them. For me, those simplest cleanse the pores and creates a cultured glance however I’ve to make use of one thing else for my complete face. Overall, the strips are price a check out!

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Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips Review Strips

Pros of Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips:

• Travel-friendly
• Inexpensive
• Doesn’t dry out the world
• Contains salicylic and tea tree oil and thus prevents reoccurrence of acne
• Gets rid of dryness and whiteheads
• Strong adhesive
• Easy to make use of
• Makes the outside house comfortable and easy
• Cleanses the pores and makes them seem smaller

Cons of Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips:

• Availability simplest at DM retail outlets
• Pains so much when being pulled out
• Not efficient on blackheads
• Not for use on acne or delicate pores and skin because it reasons redness

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips?
I may no longer repurchase it, however it’s price a check out when you have standard pores and skin.

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Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Acne Face Strips Review

Overall score:

out of
five in keeping with


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