Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon Review

Skin kind: customary to oily, acne-prone and delicate

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In this put up, I will be able to be reviewing Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon, which claims to tighten the surface and dilate the pores. So, let’s get into the main points.

Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon Review

Price: INR 100 for 20 g
Product Description:
Experience clean, supple and rejuvenated pores and skin the use of Dear packer Home Remedy Masks! Egg white and lemon extracts on this sheet masks clean pores and skin tone at the side of pores and skin brightening homes. Lemon extracts additionally controls over the top sebum and tightens up pores providing you with clearer taking a look, smoother pores and skin.
• Keeps the surface cushy, clean and sparkling
• Absorbs extra sebum, oil and offers clearer pores and skin
• 100 % Pure Cotton- Made Mask Sheets
• Special concentrated answer to your face
• five loose – No Paraben, No Mineral oil, No Talc, No Triclosan, No Triethanolamine

Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon Ingredients

Key Ingredients:
Lemon extracts and Egg White
Directions to Use:
• Wash your face and soothe it with toner.
• Spread the masks sheet flippantly over the face.
• After 10-20 mins, take away the masks pack.
• Essence is left to your face after commencing the masks; faucet your face for permitting the essence to be totally absorbed into your pores and skin.

My Experience with Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon:
What I like essentially the most about those unique sheet mask is their wonderful and vibrant packaging. This one has lemon and leaves revealed in all places it. The sheet masks is available in a thick foil however tearable sachet.

Moreover, those sheet mask don’t come within the common oblong packaging. The sachet homes the entire knowledge in regards to the sheet masks. In addition to this, the title of every treatment is written within the centre for simple accessibility. Overall, the packaging is tremendous travel-friendly and simple to make use of.

Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon Back

Texture, Consistency and Fragrance:
The masks is constructed from microcell sheet. It is thinner than different sheet mask I’ve used. I’ve a spherical face and this one suits completely. It does no longer really feel heavy at the pores and skin. As you’ll see, the masks is totally soaked within the essence, however one way or the other it isn’t dripping rainy. This is every other plus level as in comparison to different sheet mask.

The essence is slightly slippery and thick, however no longer sticky. Though I wasn’t anticipating any hint of egg within the perfume, nonetheless was once very prepared for the perfume of this sheet masks. To my wonder, the perfume is slightly citrusy. It is delicate, heat and refreshing.

Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon Open

I’m extra into clay mask but in addition put money into sheet mask as they’re simple to hold and use all through travels. This sheet masks may be simple to make use of; you must tear open the sachet, spread the sheet masks, and position it over your face and relaxation for 20 mins.

I saved it on for 30 mins after which gently pat the remainder essence on my face. Even after 30 mins and below the fan, the sheet masks was once nonetheless wet sufficient. Usually, I take advantage of a sheet masks at night time whilst doing a little paintings or observing a TV sequence. Hence, I’m all the time below the fan when the use of a sheet masks. The absolute best factor about those sheet mask is they’re light-weight and don’t get dry too quickly below the fan.

Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon In hand

I all the time stay the sheet masks refrigerated for 15-20 mins previous to the use. It supplies a pleasant cooling impact to the surface. I had annoyed pores and skin round my nostril and below the chin when used this masks. When the sheet masks was once on my face, my pores and skin had a tingling sensation for preliminary short time at the ones spots, however it wasn’t one thing uneasy. Thus, when you’ve got damaged or annoyed pores and skin, then soothe it with a relaxing toner first.

After taking away this sheet masks, there was once a large number of essence sitting over my facial pores and skin. The pores and skin felt and gave the impression rainy, however no longer sticky. Moreover, the essence were given absorbed into the surface tremendous simply upon patting. After a couple of mins, the essence sank deeply into the surface, making it velvety however hydrated. I liked the after results of this sheet masks.

Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon before use

Since the essence made my pores and skin velvety and I liked that, I didn’t cleanse off my face with water. Usually, I do that after 20 mins to stop any breakouts or over moisturization of the surface. Moreover, it didn’t reason any breakouts and the surface was once little much less oily the following morning.

This sheet masks does liven up the surface, however alternatively no longer like how an actual egg white and lemon pack does. It successfully tightened my pores across the nostril and the impact lasted subsequent day as neatly. This sheet masks made my pores and skin hydrated sufficient, offering a velvety clean end. Still, it gained’t do any excellent for blemishes in unmarried use.

Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon after use

Pros of Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon:

• Super simple to make use of and elevate
• Attractive packaging
• Feels at ease
• Refreshing, citrusy perfume
• Fits completely
• Non-sticky
• Brighten up the surface
• Hydrates the surface
• Tighten up the pores
• Makes pores and skin velvety clean
• Control oil manufacturing
• Instant effects

Cons of Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon:

• Dry pores and skin beauties will want additional moisturisation
• Regular use to cut back blemishes

IMBB Rating: four.five/five
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon?

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Dear Packer Home Remedy Mask Egg White + Lemon Review

Overall score:

out of
five in keeping with


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