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DIY Nail Growth Recipe

Hi girls,

Do your nails chip off with out no reason why? If your nails are susceptible and fragile too, here’s a DIY recipe you’ll love. This one could be very efficient and presentations fast effects too.

DIY Nail Growth Recipe

You Need:

DIY Nail Growth Recipe Ingredients

⦁ Garlic cloves
⦁ Olive oil
⦁ An earbud
⦁ An empty container for garage

Benefits of the components:

Olive oil:
⦁ Strengthens the nails
⦁ Aids nail expansion
⦁ Adds shine to the nails
⦁ Acts as a herbal moisturizer for the nails
⦁ Strengthens the nails
⦁ Aids nail expansion
⦁ An superb nourisher of nails


Step one:
Add some olive oil to the container.

DIY Nail Growth Recipe Steps

Step two:
Peel and mince the garlic cloves and upload it to olive oil.

DIY Nail Growth Recipe Demo

Usage and Results:

Let the garlic infuse with oil for no less than three hours. Then, practice it at the nails as proven within the image. Apply it well and stay it on for 15 mins and wash off. You would possibly use a steady cleaning soap or cream later directly to stay garlic odor away. This treatment makes the nails sturdy and is helping them develop out briefly. You will get started seeing a distinction on your nails in simply 15 days. You would possibly retailer this in an hermetic container and use it for as much as 15 days.

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DIY Nail Growth Recipe

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