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DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub

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Winter approach to battle towards dry pores and skin and we must take care of our pores and skin so much. Scrubbing is essential throughout wintry weather and we want to hydrate our pores and skin as smartly. Today, I’m going to percentage a simple recipe of face scrub that can lend a hand to exfoliate dry lifeless pores and skin cells, and additionally supplies wealthy hydration to it. Now, let’s get into the main points.

DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub


DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub Ingredients

Rice Powder: Rice powder has an overly comfortable texture which is helping to exfoliate the outside smartly, and additionally to take away over the top oil from face. It easily eliminates all of the dryness and makes pores and skin polished. It acts as an anti-acne agent too. It can keep watch over oil and is helping to cut back pimples. Rice powder could be very efficient to tighten up pores and skin pores and to cut back fantastic traces. It acts as an ideal moisturizer too. It can liven up boring and darkish pores and skin tone too.

Cocoa Powder: Cocoa powder can deeply restore the outside. It makes pores and skin comfortable and hides all dryness. It additionally prevents solar harm. Chocolate reduces the indicators of getting older and prevents wrinkle. The antioxidant houses of cocoa make pores and skin sparkling and wholesome.

Honey: Honey is of course antibacterial, so it’s nice for pimples remedy. It is stuffed with antioxidants; it’s nice for anti-ageing. It is very moisturizing and soothing, so it is helping to supply a radiant glow. Honey is clarifying as a result of, it opens up the pores and cleanses them.

Almond: Almonds comprise Vitamin E. As everyone knows, Vitamin E is superb for pores and skin. Almonds paintings as just right moisturizer and make pores and skin very clean. It accommodates herbal whitening houses too. It may give a hydrated recent pores and skin inside a couple of days.


DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub Almond Paste

1. First, I’ve to make a fantastic paste of almond. Then, take the paste of almond in a bowl.

DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub Add Honey

2. Next, upload 1 spoon of honey to it and combine them smartly.

DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub Honey mix

three. For rice, you’ll be able to purchase rice powder or could make it at house as smartly. Now, upload 1 tablespoon of rice powder.

DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub Cocoa Powder

four. Also upload 1 desk spoon of cocoa powder to the bowl and mix all of the elements smartly.

DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub Final Scrub

five. Once you get a medium clean consistency, you might be executed with the scrub and follow it for your face. Gentle therapeutic massage the scrub and exfoliate your pores and skin deeply with it. After that wash it off with water typically.


DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub Final Scrub

This scrub could be very delicate for pores and skin and deeply exfoliates my face with none sensitivity. It has clean scrubbing debris which might be just right for all pores and skin varieties and it is rather efficient in casting off lifeless dry pores and skin cells. It may be efficient on blackheads. It makes my pores and skin softer, smoother and more healthy as smartly. The different elements upload deep hydration to pores and skin and stay it comfortable all through the day. The scrub is in reality just right for wintry weather that is helping to battle towards dryness too and if I wish to stay it as a masks, it is helping to heal the outside texture. Apart from the hydration, it does supply a pleasing transparent glow to the outside that eliminates the dullness from it. I completely love this facial scrub and you must check out it too. Hope you prefer this simple DIY recipe.

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DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub

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