Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover Review

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I in most cases don’t use cuticle removers, because it reasons hurt if used incorrectly. I purchased some nail care merchandise from Essence and these days’s assessment is all about Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover. Read on to grasp extra concerning the product.

Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover Review

Price and Quantity:
$2.25 for 8ml

Product Description:
Fast, quicker, quickest cuticle remover! This gel gets rid of cuticles in an issue of seconds. Required time of publicity? 15 seconds and your cuticles are softened. The built-in cuticle pusher makes casting off overhanging cuticles even more uncomplicated. it doesn’t get any quicker than this.

Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover Review Product Description

Advice: This gel gets rid of extra cuticles rapid & efficient. Once every week observe gel on cuticles, wait 15 sec. & gently thrust back cuticles. Wash arms after use.
Warning: comprises alkali. Avoid touch with eyes. Can reason blindness.Keep out of succeed in of kids.

My Experience with Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover:

The cuticle remover seems like a nail polish. It is available in a tumbler bottle with a white screw cap. There is numerous knowledge at the again of the bottle. The product doesn’t come sealed. The bottle is travel-friendly and is simple to hold. The lid homes the sponge applicator.

Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover Review Packaging

The cuticle remover is gel-like and is medium thick. It seems to be transparent and the odor is bizarre. It has a mild chemical odor however it isn’t very sturdy.

Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover Review Cap Open

The utilization is beautiful simple. The product needs to be used as soon as in every week and left on for 15 seconds after which thrust back the cuticles. Since it takes some time to use the product, I take advantage of it one nail on the time after which push the cuticles. I additionally purchased a cuticle remover from the similar emblem. Within 15 seconds, the cuticles are cushy sufficient to be driven. It isn’t very cushy, however cushy sufficient to push it with a pusher. You too can take away the cuticles if important. The product loosens the cuticles and could be very efficient.

Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover Review Applicator

The product comprises alkali and thus, you wish to have to just remember to wash your arms completely, because it reasons blindness. The sponge applicator may be nice and the slant design is helping for a very simple software. If you might have thick cuticle, you’ll be able to depart it somewhat longer. The product is solely made for cuticle casting off and not anything else. It doesn’t supply any moisturisation and nourishment. After you wash your arms, you wish to have nail oil for nourishment.

Pros of Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover:

  • Travel-friendly.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Softens the cuticles and makes it simple to push.
  • Loosens the cuticles and is efficacious.
  • Works smartly in 15 seconds.
  • The applicator is excellent.

Cons of Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover:

  • Doesn’t supply any nourishment.
  • Contains Alkali and this reasons blindness.

IMBB Rating: four/five
Would I Recommend or Repurchase Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover?
Yes to each!

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Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover Review

Overall score:

out of
five in accordance with


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