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Get The Perfect Ponytail With These 10 Hair Tricks

Ponytail is relatively a very simple coiffure to take care of. They fit virtually all outfits and are flattering on a majority. While it is a straightforward coiffure to do, there are a couple of hacks that you wish to have to grasp to enlarge your signature ponytail glance!

10 ways to step up your ponytail game

  1. Tease– Backcombing the hair will upload numerous oomph to the entire glance. The extra the peak of your crown segment the extra elongated your face will glance. A flat crown space received’t glance just right on any face form. So tease a bit of of that crown segment ahead of tying up.
  2. Hairspray – In order to stay that crown space at all times poufed up, spray on some hair surroundings spray simplest at the crown space after backcombing. For the remainder of the day, you’re going to be looked after!
  3. High pony – The pony will glance higher if it has some top. In order to take care of that top the place the hair band is tied, insert few bobby pins. This will fortify the horse and provides it extra construction.
  4. Perfect top pony– This stylish coiffure seems progressed if you happen to place the horse in one of the simplest ways. The excellent method is to believe a line, ranging from the ends of your eye to the ear to the pinnacle, The ultimate level would be the space the place your top pony will glance the most productive.
  5. Fill the gaps– Not everyone seems to be blessed with the thick hair at the entrance segment. It may occur that the crown segment may witness some skinny hair spots and they aren’t flattering! So to cover that you’ll be able to take the assistance of black eyeshadow. Just dab some black eyeshadow on the ones spots and you might be just right to head.
  6. Double pony -Sometimes it occurs that the horse doesn’t persist with its top and helps to keep falling down as time passes. To make that pony persist with one position, take a look at the double pony way. To do this, simply make a pony with simplest the hair from the crown segment. Now take the remainder of the hair and make a pony combing the already made pony. Now, this method the horse received’t fall off simply.
  7. Back quantity– Sometimes the again portion of the pinnacle simply above the nape of the neck feels lovely flat. To duvet up that, simply backcomb that portion of hair. It will immediately give a more fit taking a look pony from both sides.
  8. Elegant pony – Tying the horse with hair tie is lovely standard. To make it a bit of extra vintage, merely tie the hair with an inch of hair from the entrance segment over the hair already tied. This will cover the hair tie and provides a sublime glance to the horse.
  9. Add quantity to hair– The space of hair left after tying will glance significantly better if it has some roughly quantity in it. If your hair may be very tremendous, you’ll be able to do a trick via backcombing. To do that merely divide the hair into vertically 3 sections, and backcomb the center segment. Let unfastened the hair and voila! You have a voluminous ponytail!
  10. Baby hair– Your thought may well be to get a graceful pony, however the child hairs spoil it. Fret now not! Fix that with the assistance of hairspray. Simply spritz the hairspray to your hairbrush and cross with that over the newborn hairs. This will give a neat glance to the horse.
Well, those had been relatively so much for pony tails. All this may take your ponytail a step forward.


*Written By Aiswarya A V

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