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Home Remedies for Big Toe Arthritis

An estimated 54.four million American adults had been advised they’d some type of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus or fibromyalgia between 2013 and 2015, in step with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1).

Arthritis can have an effect on any a part of the frame the place joints exist and your ft don’t seem to be an exception. In reality, toe arthritis is quite common and many of us be afflicted by this painful drawback.

In maximum instances, toe arthritis assaults the large toe, however the different ft might be affected as smartly. Big toe arthritis, sometimes called hallux limitus or hallux rigidus, happens when the large toe strikes upward or starts to shape bone spurs, which limits the variability of movement of the toe.

Your possibility of huge toe arthritis will increase as you age. This is most commonly because of put on and tear. The possibility may be upper when you’ve got a circle of relatives historical past of it or if you’re overweight.

big toe arthritis diagram

Big toe arthritis in most cases begins with a stiffness of the joint and may also be accompanied via swelling and redness. Other signs come with expansion of the joint, ache, problem dressed in sure footwear, problem strolling (particularly whilst you first get up within the morning), related deformity, and cushy tissue inflammation or irritation.

It isn’t in any respect abnormal for sufferers to confuse bunions with large toe arthritis as a result of each prerequisites could cause ache and a bump and expansion on the large toe joint. But they’re if truth be told very other.

Big toe arthritis is more straightforward to regard when the situation is recognized early. There are many easy, herbal house treatments to regard this drawback and scale back the discomforts.

home remedies for big toe arthritis

Here are the highest 10 house treatments for large toe arthritis.

1. Contrast Hydrotherapy

Both cold and hot water remedies, popularly referred to as hydrotherapy, can assist scale back the discomforts of huge toe arthritis.

contrast hydrotherapy for big toe arthritis

While the nice and cozy water is helping enhance blood stream within the affected house, the chilly water is helping scale back swelling and irritation.

  1. Fill 2 small tubs – one with chilly water and the opposite with heat water.
  2. First, soak the affected toe in heat water for three to four mins.
  3. Then, put the toe within the chilly water for 1 minute.
  4. Continue alternating steps 2 and three for 15 to 20 mins.
  5. Repeat the remedy three or four instances day-to-day till you get reduction.

Caution: Be cautious to steer clear of excessive temperatures within the water.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar turns out to be useful in relieving joint ache within the large toe because of arthritis. It is helping take away the accumulation of poisons within the joints and connective tissues, which is necessary to ease any more or less arthritic ache.

apple cider vinegar for big toe arthritis

It additionally has anti inflammatory and alkaline-forming houses that assist scale back ache and stiffness within the joints.

  • Mix equivalent quantities of uncooked, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water in a foot bathtub. Soak your large toe on this answer for 30 mins. When performed, dry your foot completely. Do it two times day-to-day to note an growth within the ache and swelling.
  • Also, combine 1 teaspoon of uncooked, unfiltered apple cider vinegar into a pitcher of heat water and upload somewhat honey. Drink it two times day-to-day.

three. Warm Oil Massage

Massaging the arthritis-affected large toe with some heat oil is some other efficient option to scale back the ache and irritation.

warm oil massage for big toe arthritis

Massage improves blood stream and in addition encourages toxin drainage to cut back swelling.

  1. Warm up some olive or coconut oil within the microwave.
  2. Dab the nice and cozy oil at the affected house.
  3. Using your palms, do deep-friction therapeutic massage for 10 mins.
  4. Repeat 2 or thrice day-to-day.

Caution: If massaging reasons extra ache, forestall doing it and seek the advice of a health care provider.

four. Cayenne Pepper

To handle any more or less arthritic ache, cayenne pepper could be very efficient.

cayenne pepper for big toe arthritis

It accommodates the compound capsaicin, which has analgesic and anti inflammatory houses that assist eliminate the ache and deal with large toe arthritis.

Cayenne pepper would possibly to begin with reason a burning sensation, however it’s going to move away temporarily.

  • Add ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder to one tablespoon of lukewarm coconut oil. Mix completely, then practice it at the affected toe. Allow it to take a seat for 20 mins. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this 2 or thrice an afternoon.
  • Alternatively, you’ll practice a capsaicin cream to the affected house day-to-day.

five. Ginger

Another not unusual element that may assist deal with arthritis for your large toe is ginger, which has herbal anti inflammatory houses.

ginger for big toe arthritis

Moreover, ginger is helping block COX-2, a chemical within the frame that reasons ache.

  • Drink 2 to a few cups of ginger tea day-to-day. To make the tea, grate a small piece of ginger root and boil it in a cup of water for 10 mins. Strain it and upload somewhat honey.
  • Also, you’ll therapeutic massage the affected house 2 or thrice an afternoon with ginger oil to assist scale back ache, irritation, and stiffness.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric may be efficient for treating large toe arthritis. The compound curcumin in turmeric has anti inflammatory houses that assist scale back irritation and ache.

turmeric for big toe arthritis

  • For exterior use, combine somewhat olive oil and ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder to shape a paste. Apply it for your large toe and canopy it with a bandage for a few hours. Do it 2 or thrice day-to-day for a number of days.
  • To advertise inner therapeutic, dissolve 1 teaspoon of turmeric in a pitcher of lukewarm water. Drink it two times day-to-day to ease irritation.
  • Alternatively, you’ll take curcumin drugs, after consulting your physician for the correct dosage.

Caution: Avoid eating an excessive amount of turmeric if you’re taking blood-thinning medicines or nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs).

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