In Case You Didn't Notice Rihanna's Crystal Gucci Socks, She Provided a Close-Up

As the historical proverb is going, “It’s unpleasant till Rihanna makes a decision it is not.” The newest evidence of that comes within the type of the crystal Gucci socks the 29-year-old pop big name and make-up wealthy person lately paired with white stilettos.

On Instagram, Rihanna shared a posed image dressed in the monochromatic sock-heel pairing, then equipped a close-up of the socks in every other put up. Along with the extravagant accent, Rihanna wore a black minidress and a retro-looking Gucci windbreaker. Since $1,340 is a lot to drop on a pair of socks, we have integrated an identical alternatives forward, in addition to Rihanna’s precise pair.

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