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Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads Review

Hi guys,

Today I will be able to be reviewing cotton pads from Innisfree. To know extra about this product and the way it fared for me, stay studying.

Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads Review

Price: INR 70 for 80 items
Product Description:
Innisfree cotton pads is composed of 100% non-fluorescent cotton that reasons no inflammation and is composed of soppy non-woven material. It can be utilized to use pores and skin toner or cleanse your pores and skin.

100% cotton/nonwoven material (polyester, nylon).
How to Use:
Soft cotton pads which is 100% non-fluorescent, natural cotton with cushy pelt. Multipurpose cotton pads that may follow skin care merchandise or cleanse.

Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads back

My Experience with Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads:

These cotton pads don’t are available in any fancy packaging. 80 cotton pads are housed in a white cardboard field that has cellophane over it. On best of the cellophane is a sticky label with all of the data in English.

Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads Packaging

The field has perforations from which a tab may also be opened to expose the cotton pads inside of. Since this is a cardboard field and the tab does no longer shut down totally, I’d no longer counsel it for travelling. However, some may also be positioned in a smaller, blank hermetic field for a similar. It resembles a tissue field, even though the tab may also be opened all of the approach at the best.

Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads Texture

While on the counter in Innisfree, I noticed those cotton pads and determined to pick out them up as I wished some. I had already attempted those as soon as earlier than after I gained them in a complimentary equipment. I used to be shocked by means of the reasonably priced value.

Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads

These cotton pads are oblong in form and are somewhat thick. The center of the cotton pad is compressed cotton; it does no longer have person layers that may be separated. They have two unique aspects. One facet is somewhat textured, while the opposite is identical as the interior and is somewhat cushy. The textured facet could also be used with merchandise that don’t seem to be supposed to be totally soaked up by means of the cotton pad, like a make-up remover.

Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads Side

Coming to the use of those cotton pads, they are able to be used for a myriad of functions. The most evident one is putting off make-up. It does a very good task and does no longer really feel tough or harsh at the pores and skin. I exploit it by means of merely soaking it with a make-up remover. For putting off eye and lip make-up – like mascara and liquid lipsticks – I stay the cotton pad over the surface for a couple of seconds after which wipe it off.

Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads Side 2

Most of the make-up transfers in a single cross onto the cotton pad. It will also be used to use toner to the surface. I’ve extensively utilized it for making use of a liquid exfoliant equivalent to BHA. However, those can’t be used for making a DIY sheet masks. Most thick cotton pads have more than one layers, however this one does no longer. So you’ll no longer have the ability to pull aside the layers. All in all, I actually like those cotton pads.

Pros of Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads:

Soft at the face, does no longer tug or pull on the pores and skin.
Thick in measurement.
Can be used for more than one functions.
Has two other textures on all sides.
Applies toners smartly.
Removes make-up successfully.

Cons of Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads:

Cannot be pulled aside into person sheets.
Packaging isn’t airtigh.

IMBB Rating: four.five/five
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads?
Yes to each. These cotton pads are flexible and will serve other purposes. I’d for sure repurchase those as they’re inexpensive and would final me a very long time. Although I want they’d make the packaging somewhat higher. I’d counsel it to any person on the lookout for reasonably priced and just right high quality cotton pads. It is rightly stated, a lady can by no means have sufficient cotton pads. So, top off on those.

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Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads Review

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five in response to


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