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Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro Review

Hi Everyone,

When false lashes come, can lash adhesive keep a ways at the back of? I’ve just lately purchased a couple of falsies from Kryolan and thus wanted an adhesive. I purchased this one from the similar logo as smartly. Read on to grasp extra about my enjoy with the product.

Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro Review

INR 500

Product Description:
Lash Adhesive Pro is an absolutely new advanced eyelash adhesive by way of Kryolan. Lash Adhesive Pro is a herbal latex-based adhesive particularly appropriate for eyelashes and small pores and skin decorations. To take away peel off gently.
Pro-tip- Lash Adhesive Pro may be very good when looking to duvet up eyebrows temporarily. After making use of the product, a corrector colour like D30 is used to hide the darkish look of the hair. Then basis is placed on best for a fabulous end. Best suited merchandise with a corrector colour are Dermacolor Camouflage Creme (D30) or the Brush-on Concealer (06).

Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro Review Description

My Experience with Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro:

The product comes packed in a blue paper carton with the entire component main points discussed. The product is in a blue plastic tube with a white twist cap. The cap closes tightly and the packaging is handy for travelling. You need to squeeze smartly to carry the product out. The nozzle is small and brings out a little or no product. So, the probabilities of wastage are minimal.

Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro Review Packaging

Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro Review Unpacked

It is a faded, milky white adhesive with runny consistency. It does no longer make the lash heavy or cumbersome. It dries to an overly herbal, just about clear end. Once you put the lash with it, follow some eye liner to make it invisible. It takes a while to dry. Thus, whilst making use of the falsies you’re going to get a while to mend the location. But as soon as performed, it assists in keeping the lashes in position for lengthy. I’ve used it at the light-weight eye lashes that I’ve and it really works completely on it. I will be able to test it with heavier lashes subsequent. I’m hoping it’s going to display equivalent impact. I normally take away the lash with oil founded remover. You can use Boroline or Vaseline too. I don’t see a lot glue residue within the eyelid. I peel the glue from the lashes after which, wash the lashes with child shampoo and all glue is going away.

Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro Review Cap Open

The adhesive additionally claims to hide up your brows. If you are attempting to do a dramatic make-up for Halloween, comedian con or dinner date (no GST for going loopy!), you can give it a check out. Overall, I’m glad with the product.

Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro Review In Hand

Pros of Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro:

  • Convenient, travel-friendly packaging.
  • Natural latex founded, so gained’t worsen the eyes.
  • No product wastage.
  • Runny, milky white consistency that doesn’t shape clump.
  • Dries Clear.
  • No sturdy smell.
  • Keeps lashes in position.
  • Easily got rid of with remover.
  • Can be used to hide eyebrows for inventive make-up.

Cons of Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro:

  • Probably a bit expensive.

IMBB Rating: four.five/five
Will I Recommend/ Repurchase Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro?
It is a superb product. I’ve to look whether or not it really works with heavier lashes. If it does, I will be able to stay the usage of it.

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Kryolan Lash Adhesive Pro Review

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