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The loss of weight can be a symptom of a health problem when it corresponds to a weight loss of 5 kg or equal to 5% of body weight in less than 6-12 https://kikusernames.com/girls months. At the base there may be problems such as depression, anxiety or stress, a cancer, a chronic HIV infection, a chronic illness (such as COPD or Parkinson’s), medication (eg chemotherapy or medication for thyroid), drug or laxative abuse, chronic digestive problems or prolonged intestinal infections, eating disorders, un-diagnosed diabetes, or hyperthyroidism.


Which illnesses can be associated with weight loss?

The illnesses that can be associated with weight loss are the following, but remember that this is not an exhaustive list and it would be better to consult your own trusted physician Lean belly breakthrough if symptoms persist.


What Are The Remedies For Weight Loss?

The best remedy depends on the cause of weight loss. Sometimes psychologicalinterventions may be needed , sometimes pharmacological treatments are indispensable . Other times, appropriate dietary supplements and adequate physical activity may be sufficient .


With weight loss when to contact your doctor?

It is best to consult a physician every time the body weight is lower than that considered healthy by age and height, if you lose without apparent reason more than 5 kg or more than 5% less body weight of 6 to 12 months and if other symptoms are associated with weight loss.https://leanbellybreakthroughscam.com