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MAC Prep + Prime Fix Plus Rose Review

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Hey beautiful gals,

I’ve sought after to check this product for ages…like ages!! I do know that the unique formulation is an outdated product and has been reviewed years in the past, however I in point of fact in point of fact sought after to percentage my tackle it And when MAC launched set of latest ones – prior to now launched as Limited Edition – of their everlasting line closing month – I after all were given a chance to percentage my perspectives in this iconic product which individuals both love or hate! I’m so excited!!

MAC Prep Prime Fix Plus Rose bottle

Product Description:
A light-weight water mist that delicately soothes and refreshes pores and skin and finishes make-up.
Full Description: 
A light-weight mist of water filled with nutrients and minerals, infused with a mix of inexperienced tea, chamomile and cucumber to softly soothe and refresh the surface. Gives an quick spice up of hydration whilst handing over a comfortable sheen to refresh and end make-up. This holy grail of hydrating mists can be utilized with different merchandise in near-endless tactics – to sheer out basis, accentuate color, toughen and lengthen the wear and tear of make-up, or moisturize and soothe drained pores and skin. A scrumptious twist in an everlasting romantic rose odor, calming lavender odor, or creamy coconut odor

Key Claims and Benefits:
Soothes and refreshes pores and skin
Sets and prolongs the wear and tear of make-up
Dermatologist examined
Ophthalmologist examined

My Experience with MAC Prep + Prime Fix Plus Rose:

The product comes packaged in a clear, red tinted, spray bottle with a lockable spray nozzle. The common variant is clear whilst the Rose variant has a red tint.

MAC Prep Prime Fix Plus Rose details

First issues first – This used to be NOT designed to be “fixing” or “setting” spray!! Shocking! I do know!! The time period “Fix” within the nomenclature doesn’t in point of fact lend a hand the product as a result of other people finally end up purchasing it considering it’s a solving spray just like the Urban Decay All Nighter and when it doesn’t carry out accordingly, the product will get a foul rap for it! So what’s the product? Well, MAC Fix+ is a part of the MAC Prep and Prime line, which is largely geared against making ready the surface for make-up. The merchandise on this line include oil-control moisturizers, hydrating and illumination-boosting merchandise, primers and conditioners (lip), and so forth. So, the road is principally geared against getting the surface in a position for make-up. And MAC Fix+ could also be intended for the exact same objective. This product has a cult following and is used for quite a few issues aside from the unique design.

MAC Prep Prime Fix Plus Rose nozzle

Let us spoil it down, however ahead of we do this, allow us to have a look at what the product is. It is principally a sprig with base of water and glycerine. It contains quite a few antioxidants and skin-soothing substances – like cucumber, chamomile, inexperienced tea. This explicit variant additionally contains some quantity of rose flower water – alternatively, this aspect is positioned quite low within the aspect listing. So, I can’t remark if the rose flower water provides every other receive advantages to the product aside from the perfume it provides to the product. FYI – there’s added perfume additionally within the product. So, technically, it is a toner moderately than a environment spray. It is a sprig mist which has extra advantages in it (when you forget about the addition of perfume to the product) than your common Evian/Avene Water atomisers.

Before I am getting into what the product is designed to do and what different makes use of skilled MUAs have found out alongside the way in which, let me deal with the packaging of the product as it performs a particularly the most important function in the use of this product. The maximum particular factor about this product is most probably its spray mechanism. The nozzle imparts any such high-quality mist of product that I’ve by no means skilled any blotchiness or drops of water plunking directly to my pores and skin. Yes, with more recent merchandise available in the market, you’re going to see the mists getting finer and finer, however you need to take note two issues that make this packaging particular. The product got here out greater than a decade again and this used to be the standard of the packaging. Second, and one of the vital facet – it is a non-aerosol packaging. This high-quality a mist being allotted via a non-aerosol packaging is quite uncommon stull. You find out about “Back to MAC” which lets you recycle the packaging of MAC merchandise. Well, an MUA as soon as advised me to not recycle the Fix+ as soon as it’s over, however to make use of refill the bottle with my favorite rose water so that you could get the gorgeous high-quality mist spray. Honestly, an important facet of this product is in point of fact the spray nozzle! Rest might be extra simply replicated or duped.

Uses of MAC Prep & Prime Fix+:
Let’s get started from the use for which the product used to be to start with designed – prepping the surface. The product acts like a toner and when sprayed onto freshly cleansed pores and skin, will, one, soothe the surface because of the antioxidants found in it; and two, will prep it for the applying of your moisturizer, permitting the moisturizer to penetrate deeper.

It is a good way to hydrate the surface ahead of the applying of make-up and even all through the process the day (without or with make-up). It can necessarily paintings as a completing spray – one thing which you mist onto your face submit software of your powder merchandise – to remove the powdery glance shape your face.

MAC Prep Prime Fix Plus Rose details on the bottle

It is very popular as a technique to make use of an eyeshadow rainy – to extend the depth of the coloration and cut back fall out (a little). You spray somewhat onto your brush and you’re just right to head.
It can be utilized to hose down the Beauty Blender – particularly while you simply sat to do your make-up and notice that you just forgot to rainy your mixing sponge. MAC Fix+ is useful. This can simply be your on-the-go face mist.

Pro MUAs are recognized to make use of this to change the consistency of a cream/liquid basis as according to their requirement. An Insta-inspired use is to spray your face with this after which practice your highlighter or vice-versa. This will lend a hand in intensifying the highlighter to provide the “visible-from-space” glance which is so ever in style on Instagram!

MAC Prep Prime Fix Plus Rose packaging

I’ve by no means used the common Fix+ – excluding when it used to be used on me in retailer. I have been on a fence about purchasing this, for ages. I after all purchased one when MAC launched Five-6 new variants of this product as “limited edition release” a few years in the past. So, the product I’ve used has all the time been the on with perfume. This “rose” one smells relatively like a bottle of rose water. It is distinct and really refreshing with out being too tough or nauseating. I do take into account that everybody has their very own threshold from scent, style, and so forth. So, If you’ve gotten a delicate pores and skin or nostril – you may need to take a whiff in retailer ahead of purchasing this.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of MAC Prep + Prime Fix Plus Rose:

  • A refreshing face mist/toner.
  • Love the rose perfume.
  • Multi-tasking product.
  • The secret is the spray nozzle – provides a lovely high-quality mist.
  • The packaging means that you can lock the spray bottle.
  • Easy to hold – alternatively, the nozzle remains uncovered.

Cons of MAC Prep + Prime Fix Plus Rose:

  • The identify! The “Fix” makes other people assume it’s a solving spray. When it simply isn’t and nor is it intended to be!!

IMBB Rating:

It is a wonderful product. In the shape that it’s designed – it might paintings for all pores and skin varieties – excluding delicate because of the addition of perfume within the product. Lightly sprayed onto the make-up – it provides a dewy end. This facet works smartly to remove the “powdery-ness,” but it surely additionally leaves shine in the back of. While that can be welcome for somebody with dry pores and skin, it’s not too changing into for gals with oily pores and skin. Also, do remember the fact that it takes some time to dry down – in contrast to an alcohol based totally spray.

Is it dramatically other from the common Fix+? I don’t assume so! MAC isn’t claiming that the “Rose” variant has any advantages of rose water. They obviously state this is simply the odor which differs. The rose flower water is simply too low within the aspect listing to be of any actual worth excluding the perfume, after all.
Do I Recommend MAC Prep + Prime Fix Plus Rose?
Yes! I relatively like this product.

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rati beauty 7 day self makeup course

MAC Prep + Prime Fix Plus Rose Review

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