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My Husband Dressed Me For a Week, and It Changed the Way I Dress Myself

As a girl admittedly preoccupied with trend for so long as I can be mindful, surrendering a week of outfits to my husband’s whims for a styling experiment seemed like torture. Let me preface this by means of announcing that my husband, Thomas, is lovely fashionable. He grew up with a fashion-savvy mom and two sisters, so he actually does get trend, or at the very least, has been uncovered to nice taste for far of his lifestyles. Add to that that we have been in combination for 11 years, so he is aware of me and my style.

Still, like maximum males he has some sturdy emotions about what he thinks I will have to be dressed in and maximum of the time it skews a good deal sexier than I’m happy with. I assumed inappropriately tight silhouettes and revealing necklines would characteristic prominently in the week to return, and I right away resolved to put on a signal at the place of job with the disclaimer: “My husband dressed me today.” Read on to peer how the week developed with my husband taking part in stylist.

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