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Oolong tea for Weight Loss

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Oolong tea is a conventional Chinese caffeinated beverage which is made from the buds, stems and leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves of the similar plant are extensively utilized to make black and inexperienced tea however the distinctive procedure to make oolong tea differentiates it from the black and inexperienced tea.  To get ready oolong tea the plant must be withered beneath sturdy solar after which is going for oxidation sooner than curling and twisting.

Oolong tea is filled with many very important nutrients and minerals comparable to potassium, calcium, selenium, magnesium, folic acid, niacin, detoxifying alkaloids and Vitamins A, C, E. Oolong tea is really useful for strengthening the immune machine, most cancers therapies, diabetes treatment, enamel decay control, keeping up middle well being, tension aid, mind serve as development, and many others.

Does Oolong Tea Really Help to Lose Weight

Oolong tea could be very really useful for your total well being however on the similar time, it additionally works truly neatly to shed the ones additional kilos and is helping you take care of your frame weight with common consumption. You will have to be considering now what homes are there in oolong tea that makes it so helpful to shed some pounds? Let’s to find out!

Increases Metabolism Rate

Oolong tea accommodates a large number of antioxidants, which lend a hand to extend the metabolism fee of the frame through 10%. And everyone knows that greater metabolism method extra burning of energy which in the long run ends up in weight reduction.

Lowers Cholesterol   

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Oolong tea is semi-oxidised, so its intake produces a polyphenol molecule, which turns on the enzyme lipase and this enzyme is helping to decrease the ldl cholesterol stage within the frame and dissolve the frame fats. This procedure, in flip, is helping one to shed some pounds progressively.

Aids Digestion

Proper digestion of meals is understood to limit weight achieve in addition to lend a hand to take care of your frame weight. Its intake alkalizes the digestive monitor and decreases the irritation in case you are affected by any ulcer drawback. The antiseptic nature of oolong tea additionally cleans the unhealthy micro organism from the digestive monitor and makes the digestion procedure clean.

Reduces Abdominal Fat

Oolong tea is helping one to shed some pounds through lowering the fats deposits within the arm and stomach space. The antioxidants in it cut back the LDL ldl cholesterol that harms your frame.

Increases Energy Expenditure

Oolong tea additionally accommodates a excellent quantity of phytochemicals that will increase the power expenditure of the frame. It additionally limits the fats and carbohydrate absorption. And each those qualities permit you to to lose some additional kilos for those who eat oolong tea frequently.

Oolong Tea is Calorie-free 

Addiction to scorching drinks additionally provides for your weight. Replacing your calorie-laden morning or mid-afternoon latte with oolong assist you to to achieve success on your weight reduction regime as oolong tea is calorie-free.

Raises Fat Oxidation

When the caffeine content material of oolong tea will get blended with ECGCs, it really works to notch up fats oxidation.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar  Level

The greater blood sugar stage provides to 1’s weight. So controlling the blood sugar stage is helping one to shed some pounds significantly. Drinking oolong tea is helping to take care of a wholesome blood glucose stage. The polyphenols in oolong tea metabolize the sugar stage.

How to Make Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Let’s now discover ways to make a cup of absolute best oolong tea to help you to shed some pounds effectively.

Oolong Tea Leaves

What You Need:

  • Loose Oolong Tea Leaves – 1 tsp
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Tea infuser
  • Saucepan


  1. Take 1 cup of water in a saucepan and boil it.
  2. Pour the water into the cup.
  3. Take the tea infuser and pour the free oolong tea leaves to it.
  4. Place it at the cup with scorching water and let the leaves steep for five mins.
  5. Enjoy this refreshing tea no less than two times an afternoon to shed some pounds in addition to take care of your weight effectively.

Oolong Tea Bags

What You Need:

  • Oolong Tea Bag – 1
  • Hot Water – 1 cup


  1. Take 1 cup of scorching water and dip the oolong tea bag into it.
  2. Cover it with a saucer and let it steep for 2 to a few mins.
  3. Take out the tea bag and eat the oolong tea.
  4. Consume 2 to a few cups of oolong tea to shed some pounds.

Oolong Tea Powder

What You Need:

  • Oolong Tea Powder – 1 tsp
  • Hot Water – 1 cup
  • Strainer


  1. Take 1 cup of scorching water and the oolong tea powder to it.
  2. Let it steep for five to 7 mins.
  3. Strain the tea and sip it slowly.
  4. Take this tea frequently to realize its advantages for weight reduction.

Oolong and Green Tea Combination

What You Need:

  • Oolong Tea Powder – 1 tsp
  • Green Tea – 1 tsp
  • Hot Water – 1 cup
  • Strainer


  1. Take 1 cup of scorching water.
  2. Add each the oolong and inexperienced tea powder to it.
  3. Let it steep for five mins.
  4. Strain it and sip the tea slowly.
  5. Take this tea two times an afternoon frequently to shed the additional kilos.

Points to Consider While Preparing Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

  • Prepare oolong tea in decrease temperature and apply shorter steeping time to keep the really useful catechins.
  • A temperature of 194 levels Fahrenheit and three mins steeping time is perfect to arrange the oolong tea to get the utmost advantages of oolong tea for weight reduction.

Cautions to Follow sooner than Using Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

  • Prefer to sip scorching oolong tea within the position of iced oolong tea in case you are the usage of it to shed some pounds.
  • According to a find out about that was once printed within the European Journal of Nutrition, sipping scorching tea is said to decrease BMI compared to taking iced tea.
  • As oolong tea accommodates a excellent quantity of caffeine, the intake of an excessive amount of of oolong tea might purpose gentle to critical negative effects like vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, anxiety, sleep issues, abnormal heartbeat, headache, disenchanted abdomen, and many others.
  • Do no longer drink greater than 2 cups of oolong tea in step with day.
  • Do no longer take oolong tea for weight reduction for those who breastfeeding because the caffeine content material in it should hurt your frame.
  • If you’re beneath medicine for some sicknesses, comparable to middle issues, abdomen ulcers, kidney issues, or anxiety-related problems, you must communicate for your physician sooner than taking oolong tea for weight reduction. It might have interaction with the medication and purpose some critical considerations.
  • Oolong tea additionally accommodates herbal fluorides. So the overconsumption of it should building up the fluoride content material within the frame and purpose skeletal fluorosis.
  • Oolong tea may additionally flush out calcium within the urine. If you’re affected by osteoporosis, chorus from taking greater than 2 cups of oolong tea in step with day.
  • The extra intake of oolong tea may additionally purpose kidney stones, beriberi, glaucoma and tea hypersensitive reaction.
  • Refrain from taking oolong tea in case you are beneath blood thinning medicine. Also don’t drink oolong tea in case you are taking herbs or dietary supplements that decelerate blood clotting like clove, garlic, ginger, and ginkgo.
  • The extra intake of oolong tea may additionally impact an individual’s iron metabolism, which might result in anemia.

Best Brands of Oolong Tea  Available within the Market

It is similarly necessary to select the most productive manufacturers of oolong tea if you’ll use it for weight reduction. Choosing the most productive emblem won’t most effective come up with its unique aroma and style however may also permit you to to achieve success  on your objective to shed some pounds briefly in addition to successfully.

Let’s take a look at one of the highest manufacturers of oolong tea to be had available in the market!

  • Stash Oolong Tea
  • Foojoy Wuyi Mt. Oolong (Wu Long) Weight Loss Tea
  • Bigelow Chinese Oolong Tea
  • Twinings China Oolong Tea
  • All Natural Vintage Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Tea
  • Prince of Peace Premium Oolong Tea
  • Foojoy China Classic Min-nan Oolong (Wulong) Tea
  • Choice Organic Oolong Tea
  • The Tao of Tea Black Dragon Loose Leaf Oolong Tea
  • Revolution Dragon Eye Oolong Tea
  • Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea – Iron Goddess of Mercy
  • Extreme Health USA Extreme Health’s Organic Oolong Tea
  • Dynasty Natural Oolong Tea
  • Ceylon Organic Oolong Tea
  • Prince of Peace Organic Oolong Tea

Tips for Weight Loss

Along with taking oolong tea for weight reduction apply the information which can be discussed under to make your weight reduction objective simpler and fast.

  • To shed some pounds, substitute your common tea or espresso with oolong tea.
  • Oolong will certainly permit you to to shed some pounds however on the similar time, you want to apply an workout regime day-to-day to get the outcome briefly.
  • To take care of your weight, apply a balanced nutrition and consume meals with fewer energy.
  • You comprehend it neatly that excellent digestion lets you shed some pounds. So drink a variety of water in order that the meals will get digested correctly
  • Chew your meals correctly sooner than swallowing it for right kind digestion.
  • Avoid consuming heavy foods and consume smaller parts of foods at common durations.
  • Include extra greens and culmination on your day-to-day meal.
  • Avoid consuming high-calorie and fatty meals.
  • Avoid consuming aerated drinks.

Now you’ve gotten a good suggestion about the advantages of oolong tea for weight reduction and the way to use oolong tea to shed some pounds effectively. Why ready extra? Go and grasp your packet of oolong tea and get started consuming it frequently to shed the ones additional kilos. Stay narrow and really feel satisfied!

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