Prepare to Lose It Over Another Season of the Crown's Incredible Costumes

In its first season, The Crown delivered on royal drama, however in all probability similarly mesmerizing for its fanatics like us, breathtaking style. The display, about the existence of Queen Elizabeth II, is Netflix’s most costly display to date, at a rumored $130 million. Plenty of that went into the cloth cabinet, with a fancy dress division of greater than 50 running to make customized appears to be like — relatively than depend on antique items — for the display.

From a $37,000 copy of Elizabeth’s wedding ceremony robe to the royal jewels or even the extra on a regular basis clothes, every glance is a testomony to the painstaking paintings of that devoted dress division. Read on to see their paintings come to fruition with a sneak peek at season two and a glance again at the premiere season. Then sign up for us as we binge watch when the display hits Netflix Friday.

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