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Selena Gomez Is Bringing Back This Shoe-ccessorizing Trend From Your Youth

Perhaps best true Selena Gomez enthusiasts will understand that in recent times, Selena’s white shoes are normally paired with an ankle bracelet. “I add little chains to my socks because it adds a little charm, a little sparkle to it. Little anklets, actually. Me and my assistant got a bunch from Japan when I was on tour. I went through this whole phase where I would just wear the anklet around and shower in it. It’s effortless. I lose things — for me, it’s got to be on me, you know what I mean?” she informed Vogue in an interview.

Sure sufficient, we noticed one when she wore this blue patterned Rouje get dressed in New York City. Selena’s added jewellery performed up the on her Louis Vuitton shoes, taking a throw-on-and-go outfit to the following stage. This easy trick is one you won’t have hired since Summer camp after braiding strands of lanyard, however Selena’s glance comes with an increased twist. Shop for crowd pleasing designs like hers, and anklets simply may transform your signature too.

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