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Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Sephora is sort of a cornucopia of such a lot of manufacturers that their inhouse logo “Sephora Collection” occasionally takes a beating. I’ve heard that a large number of their merchandise are if truth be told reproduction formulations of upper finish manufacturers that they have got. But, I’ve hardly attempted a lot stuff from their assortment. They have an intensive vary of brushes as smartly – their common line, their collabs and their Pro vary. While their common line is continuously on sale after a time frame and occasionally, so is their collab; their Pro vary of brushes have a little bit of fan following and are by no means observed on sale. I’ve their Pro Concealer #57 which I purchased on Rati’s advice and it’s certainly a faboulous brush, no longer only for its objective, but additionally bearing in mind how smartly it’s made. Recently, I picked up every other Pro Concealer brush from Sephora Collection – why and what for? Let us to find out.

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review

Product Description:
What it’s:
A concealer brush uniquely formed to use concealer and corrector calmly for a herbal outcome.

What it does:
This concealer brush used to be designed for use in more than one techniques for a custom designed utility. The distinctive tapered brush head has twin advantages, providing one aspect to put and clean, whilst the opposite aspect is used to sheer and mix. This device will also be used to use correctors, eye primers, and cream shadow.

What else you wish to have to grasp:
This product is cruelty-free and can be utilized with quite a few concealer and corrector formulation, in addition to cream shadows and primers.

This product isn’t examined on animals.

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review Brush Number


Sephora Pro brushes come rather well filled with a difficult plastic protect protective the bristles. And, the similar is sealed, in order that you recognize you might be getting a contemporary piece. You can retain the plastic protect for long term use whilst travelling or simply to offer protection to them from mud. Just make certain that you don’t use the protect whilst the comb is damp as a result of, this might be inviting bacterial expansion!

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review Packaging

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review Guard

My Experience with Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71:

As I discussed ahead of, Sephora Pro vary of brushes were rather well won by way of the Beauty neighborhood. The evidence that they should promote smartly lies in the truth that those by no means pass on sale. I’ve prior enjoy with only one brush from this vary – that’s quantity #57 and it’s rather a workhorse. Despite such a lot of spot cleansing and washes, it stays the similar.

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review Brush

Coming to sweep #71. This is a rather new unlock as a result of, I don’t see a lot details about it at the blogosphere. Also, I may no longer find it in Sephora UAE or Sephora Singapore. Then, how and why did it land in my cart? Because, I noticed it being utilized by a Pro MUA from Sephora in certainly one of their instructional movies. Now, I do remember the fact that Sephora instructional movies are extra frequently than no longer, advertorials. The complete objective in their YouTube channel is to reveal merchandise and speak about how “amazing” they’re simply to push gross sales. But however, lots of the larger YouTube Influencer channels also are doing simply the similar. They too are pushing merchandise relying on which logo is paying them. But, that’s an entire other subject to speak about for all over again. When it involves Sephora Pro MUAs, I do recognize the truth that those are actual lifestyles Make Up Artists who’ve labored with other skins which might be other by way of colors, tones and age teams. And, this turns into key for any individual like me who has extra mature pores and skin. When a 20-something YouTuber shrieks how superb a concealer is and the way splendidly it covers her non-existent darkish circles or the way it doesn’t crease on her taut under-eye house, I can’t assist however roll my eyes!! You know what I imply…

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review Brush Name

Coming again to the comb in hand. The Pro MUA used this brush for an beneath eye concealer instructional. And for a metamorphosis, this wasn’t about concealing darkish circles, however for concealing shadow beneath the attention. What is that ask all my 20-something readers? Ok… Here is going… For us, women of a definite age staff combat no longer simply with beneath eye darkness, we additionally combat with sinking eye. Actually, this occurs no longer simply with age, however some folks have this because of their genetic make-up as smartly – hereditary. The eyes roughly get started sinking into the orbit. This reasons a outstanding darkish line of melancholy within the under-eye house. While you could possibly organize the under-eye darkness with a peach corrector, managing this melancholy will get tough as a result of, it casts a shadow onto the surface which doesn’t pass. And it seems that, no longer many of us understand how to care for this. I as soon as had a MAC MUA load their orange corrector onto my beneath eye house and nonetheless couldn’t cancel the shadow. And by way of the top of it, the attention house used to be ORANGE!! No concealer or basis may quilt that a lot orange!!! That used to be a laugh! Anyway!! Let me know if any person right here needs me to do a handy guide a rough instructional on easy methods to organize this.

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review Brush Size

So, again to the comb in hand, the Sephora PRO MUA used this brush for successfully concealing the darkness in addition to the shadow and I used to be bought!!

Shape: So, what’s nice about it. The form of the comb. The form is more or less tough to give an explanation for, however I will be able to take a look at. The brush has 2 efficient aspects to make use of. It is a flat paddle brush, which slants on one aspect. This lets in the comb to use, mix and sheer out the product onto the surface in tapping movement, mimicking the motion of your palms tapping onto the surface. This would possibly sound a little bit gimmicky and it did appear find it irresistible until you if truth be told use the comb. It is rather efficient. The slant of the comb is comfortable and the original form of it if truth be told appears like you might be tapping the product together with your finger. The handiest distinction being – as a result of this can be a brush – you’ll obviously see the portion it’s running on and will succeed in into the nooks and crannies or proper upto the lash line, in the event you so need. The 2nd aspect of the comb which fits successfully is the sharply tapered brush head which is comfortable, however doesn’t have an excessive amount of give. This lets in exact placement of your product, which turns into key for concealing the beneath eye line shadow. Even in a different way, as a way to position the product exactly is a boon. Post placement, you’ll thankfully mix it clear of the slanted aspect and you might be performed. So, the comb is just about 2-in-1 and offers 2 distinct programs.

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review Bristles Shape

As in line with the emblem, one don’t need to prohibit its utilization to concealer. It can be utilized for eye primer and even cream eyeshadows.

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review Bristles Head

Bristles: The brush has artificial bristles, which make it cruelty-free and vegan. Also, being artificial, they’re simple to scrub. Regular washing and care is not going to affect the hair high quality adversely.

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review Bristles Backside

Maintenance: The brush turns out smartly made as I do like to scrub it put up each use or each 2nd use and it sort of feels to have hung on rather smartly with out loosing its form or any bristles within the procedure – regardless of me no longer the usage of any brush guard with them. Does one wish to blank the comb each time they use? This is arguable. Some folks do use a broom a couple of instances ahead of washing them or spot cleansing them. The factor is, when the usage of cream/liquid merchandise, no matter is left at the brush will harbor micro organism. Also, the left over product will dry up at the bristles. This will affect next utility and also you would possibly not get efficient mixing or flawlessness in utility the second one time spherical from a grimy brush.

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review Brush Bristles

Pros of Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71:

  • Well made, balanced brush.
  • Synthetic bristles.
  • Extremely efficient for its known activity.
  • Did no longer shed on washing.
  • Quite a workhorse.
  • Gives an exact and regulated utility – due to its small brush head.
  • Since it’s made of man-made bristles, it’s cruelty unfastened.
  • It will also be washed incessantly with out impacting high quality of bristles (not like herbal hair brushes).
  • Fairly comfortable brush head.
  • Long treated.
  • Effective packaging.

Cons of Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71:

IMBB Rating: five/five
Comparison with Marc Jacobs 14:
I in point of fact do like this brush. Its like, for the primary time in my lifestyles I’m able to successfully organize my beneath eye house, which isn’t only due to the comb, but additionally the method. But, the device in hand, in point of fact is helping. It is meant to be very similar to the Marc Jacobs brush quantity 14. However, since I’ve no longer observed that brush in hand, I can’t in point of fact remark how identical are they in use.

Do I Recommend Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71?
For as soon as, I’m going to head forward and say YES! If you will have beneath eye darkness, it’s good to indubitably have the benefit of this. However, in the event you combat with under-eye melancholy and its shadow? You NEED this brush! This may smartly be lifestyles converting for you so far as make-up is worried. Also, do let me know if you wish to have me to reveal easy methods to organize the shadow beneath your eye. I’m really not a professional MUA – by way of any stretch of creativeness. But, I will proportion what works for me.

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Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71 Review

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