Sharp Belly Button Pain (Inside, Below, Above Or Sides)

Belly Button Pain

Belly Button PainBelly button ache would possibly happen to you for more than a few causes.

The ache will also be sharp or gentle which lasts lengthy or for a brief duration.

The location of ache within the abdominal button too can range.

The feeling of ache is also proper within the navel, left or proper aspect, beneath or above, or close to the abdominal button.

Some revel in the ache when the abdominal button is touched or pressed.

Pain within the navel area, each consistent and intermittent, can’t be merely not noted as they can be a symptom of any severe illness creating to your frame.

Why does your abdominal button harm within? You will have to in finding the suitable solution to this query.

Constant ache within the navel space is a case of great fear.

Early detection of the precise explanation why for umbilicus or tummy button ache is necessary and essential.

What reasons abdominal button ache?

Umbilical ache or ache within abdominal button isn’t a situation by itself.

It is a symptom or pointer to the opposite well being prerequisites going dangerous to your machine.

A physician can determine the true explanation why for ache across the abdomen button by way of inspecting the kind of ache you’ve gotten.

Experiencing a pointy abdominal button ache is a major situation than the ache you’re feeling on account of bloating or pulling.

Pain round or within the navel button will also be brought about by way of following well being prerequisites:


If you’ve gotten ache across the left aspect of your abdominal button, it may well be on account of Appendicitis.

In this sort of case the ache on left aspect of abdominal button will move handiest after the elimination of appendicitis.

Stomach Ulcers

Pain develops within the abdomen and spaces across the navel area because of ulcers within the abdomen lining.

The abdomen ulcer can occur when the tummy begins generating an excessive amount of of acid which regularly erode the tummy partitions.


Many pregnant ladies do revel in intermittent ache round navel space because the frame is adjusting itself to the speedy bodily adjustments. There is not anything to fret about this ache.

Bacterial Infection

Mild or sharp ache can happen in all the stomach and round tummy button on account of bacterial an infection within the abdomen.

Using proper antibiotics can heal the bacterial an infection and provides speedy reduction from ache.

Pain after Surgery

Your stomach and abdominal button would possibly revel in consistent ache for a couple of days after stomach surgical procedure.

A right kind post-surgery care and drugs can alleviate this ache.


A torn tissue within the stomach space is answerable for hernia which reasons ache across the stomach together with abdominal button.

It is simple to fix torn tissues thru a minor surgical procedure and take away the ache.


Formation of stones within the gallbladder reasons ache and an infection.

Bouts of ache due to gallstone can unfold to all the stomach space or even achieve as much as the shoulder blades.

Sharp ache across the abdominal button is a imaginable case of gallstones.

It is simple to eliminate gallstones thru a minor surgical procedure.


Cystitis is a kind of urinary tract infections (UTI) which most commonly happens in ladies.

The signs of a UTI come with a burning ache right through urination, ache within the stomach space and decrease again, and darkish cloudy urine.

Women who’ve a lifeless ache beneath the abdominal button is also affected by Cystitis.

Pancreas Disorder

 Pain round or above the abdominal button is also the results of a dysfunction within the functioning of the pancreas.

Some of the typical pancreatic issues are acute pancreatitis, hereditary pancreatitis, persistent pancreatitis, and pancreatic most cancers.

Ailments within the Small Intestine

Pain across the tummy button or whole stomach space may well be from any ailment within the small gut.

Some of the vital problems within the small gut are irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal most cancers, Crohn’s illness, interior bleeding, and Celiac illness.

Belly button ache and bloating

Indigestion is among the top causes for inflicting blotting with abdominal button ache.

If you realize a lack of urge for food, discomfort after foods, ache in all the stomach area together with tummy button, nausea or fatigue then it is advisable to be affected by indigestion.

Appendicitis too can purpose bloating and ache below the abdominal button.

If you revel in ache that begins emigrate to the suitable decrease quadrant of the stomach, then you will be affected by appendicitis.

Bloating and a lifeless ache close to your abdominal button will also be signs of abdomen ulcer. 

Other not unusual signs of abdomen ulcer are acid reflux disease, burping, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting.

Why does pulling or sharp abdominal button ache happen?

Many other people bitch about feeling a pointy ache close to the abdominal button.

This ache would possibly building up whilst coughing, stretching or shifting round. Along with those signs, if you happen to realize a bulge close to the stomach button, it is advisable to most likely be affected by hernia.

Hernia occurs on account of the higher drive within the stomach area which makes the fatty tissues within the gut to bulge out and purpose ache.

Patients who’ve a strangulated hernia would possibly revel in pulling and sharp ache close to the navel area and bouts of vomiting.

Reason for abdominal button ache right through being pregnant

Pregnant ladies would possibly revel in ache round abdominal button and waist on account of the spherical alignment ache.   

It may well be intermittent sharp ache particularly whilst stretching or shifting round.

The spherical alignment ache in pregnant ladies starts to happen right through the second one trimester.

Sudden contraction of stretched ligaments whilst status, giggling, coughing or bending reasons the ache.  This form of ache normally lasts for only some mins.

But if you happen to revel in ordinary or consistent ache round abdominal button right through being pregnant, then it is crucial to seek the advice of a gynecologist.

Pain within the abdominal button whilst touching or urgent

If urgent or touching the abdominal button reasons ache then it is advisable to be affected by hernia or Crohn’s illness.

One of the indicators of Crohn’s illness is ache within the navel space. Similarly, hernia with bulging strangulated tummy fats could make the navel very delicate and painful.

Besides the ache within the abdomen button, Crohn’s illness additionally shows signs like stomach cramps, diarrhea, fatigue, lack of urge for food, weight reduction, perianal fistula, ulcer, or joint irritation.

Remedies and Treatments for Belly Button Pain

Treatment for abdominal button ache relies on the underlying reasons of the ache.

Some of the explanations for infrequent abdomen button ache are minor problems that move on their very own.

But the ache within the abdominal button brought about by way of severe maladies calls for pressing clinical remedy.

Treatment for Crohn’s illness is a lifelong procedure which would possibly come with surgical procedure, drugs, nutritional dietary supplements, and rigidity reduction measures.

Pain within the navel area brought about by way of indigestion will also be conquer with right kind vitamin and OTC drugs. Identify and keep away from the meals and problems that purpose indigestion for you.

For hernia, the torn tissues will also be repaired in the course of the laparoscopic process. 

You can eliminate abdomen ulcer with prescription drugs and adjustments in diets and way of life behavior.

However, serious abdomen ulcers would possibly require surgical procedure to take away the eruptions and save you bleeding within the abdomen.

Endoscopy is necessary for each diagnosing and treating bleeding ulcers.

If you’ve gotten ache within the navel level brought about by way of appendicitis, then elimination of the appendix is essential for treating the ache.

Appendicitis surgical procedure will also be completed thru a minor surgical procedure or use a laparoscopic remedy.

No particular drugs is needed for treating spherical ligament ache in pregnant ladies. However, doing day by day stretches or taking leisure can scale back this ache.

Pregnant ladies may just trade place or flex and bend their hips whilst giggling, coughing or sneezing to keep away from the ache.

How to Respond When Your Belly Button Hurts?

Minor and brief ache within the abdominal button isn’t a question of significant fear.

But in case your abdominal button hurts repeatedly, then you definately will have to attempt to determine the true explanation why for it and in finding the right remedy.

Just stay monitor of your signs which will lend a hand the physician to spot the purpose and provide the proper remedy.

For illnesses like hernia, abdomen ulcer, gallstones, and appendicitis physician would possibly counsel surgical procedure to eliminate the illness. 

Depending at the purpose go through the suitable therapies and make essential way of life adjustments to eliminate the ache across the navel space.

If any of the next signs are found in you then you definately should see a health care provider straight away:

  • Severe and dependable ache across the abdominal button;
  • Serious ache that makes you get up within the evening or purpose problem in doing all your common paintings;
  • Recurrent bout of throwing up and nausea;
  • Passing blood to your stool;
  • Passing tarry black stool;
  • Abdominal ache lasting for a longer duration;
  • Serious dehydration emerging out of lack of ability to drink fluid;
  • If the ache within the stomach is because of loss of an damage.

The Bottom Line  

Pain across the abdominal button is a results of more than a few sorts of well being problems. The ache will also be consistent or intermittent, consistent, boring or serious.

Some of the reasons of abdominal button ache are severe problems that want instant clinical consideration. You can forget about the minor problems that may heal its personal.

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