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Should We Freeze Our Jeans? (Asking For a Friend)

As a lifelong lover of denims, there was one query that is arise time and again: will have to you freeze your denims? Or, simply wash them? Many other folks have claimed that freezing your denims kills the micro organism that creates smell and it might probably lend a hand maintain the form of the denim too. To resolution this query as soon as and for all, we grew to become to DSTLD’s design director, Paul Roughley, to invite for his skilled recommendation.

“If your jeans aren’t raw denim (unwashed) then there’s no reason to not give them a warm wash after a few wears. To preserve the color, turn them inside out and wash on cold with a gentle detergent. You can also spray them with some Febreze and hang them on a clothesline outdoors if you’re inclined to be a little unorthodox about jean care.”

But something you will have to by no means do for your denims? Bleach them. “Bleaching will ultimately corrode the fibers, and the jeans will then rip and tear but, to be honest, denim is such a hardwearing fabric that you can push it to its limits through heavy wear,” says Paul. With those hacks for your again pocket, you shouldn’t have to fret about ruining the colour or really feel of your favourite child blues, and you’ll get probably the most of your denims for future years.

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