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These Cats Are Not Being Tested On! And Weleda is Cruelty Free.

Recently somebody on Facebook shared a portion of this picture (above) in conjunction with a listing of manufacturers that check on animals. They tagged My Beauty Bunny (that means neatly I’m certain) for the reason that record of animal testers used to be lower and pasted from an previous article right here on my website online. Since January 1st, this put up has been shared over 40,000 occasions. I’ve been getting demise threats and lawsuits and I sought after to set the report immediately as soon as and for all.

This picture presentations cats being spayed and neutered.

There are some beautiful main issues of the unique put up. First of all, the cats on this picture are NOT BEING TESTED ON. They have been rescues from a hoarder state of affairs in Florida and the picture presentations veterinarians spaying and neutering them. It seems frightening if you happen to don’t know what’s taking place, however it appears cats are incessantly tied up like this all over surgical operation so the vets can achieve the spaces they wish to achieve. You can see probably the most authentic information articles about this right here. And extra in regards to the “hoax” right here.

cats being spayed and neutered - NOT animal testing

The picture pictured above is the aftermath of vets spaying and neutering the cats after being rescued from the hoarding state of affairs. These cats don’t seem to be being examined on. Yes, cats, canine and primates are used for scientific analysis (make-up/cosmetics trying out is normally finished on “cheaper” and smaller animals like mice, rabbits and guinea pigs), however this picture is getting used to falsely illustrate this.

Weleda is cruelty loose.

Second, the record of manufacturers that check on animals accompanying this put up used to be lower and pasted from an previous My Beauty Bunny article that obviously gave the date of April 2016 and related to my frequently up to date record of cruelty loose and non-cruelty-free manufacturers that you’ll to find right here. Since the put up hadn’t been up to date in over a 12 months (and in truth I forgot it even existed), Weleda used to be incorporated as a non-cruelty-free emblem. In April/May of 2016, Weleda contacted me to let me know that even if they’re promoting merchandise in mainland China, they’re certainly cruelty loose. Weleda is cruelty loose as a result of they just promote merchandise with non-special use elements which are exempt from animal trying out rules and now not matter to put up marketplace trying out.

This is what Weleda’s rep mentioned in April of 2016:

“…post market testing is known as a potential risk only in regard to products sold in shops and classified by the Chinese authorities as needing animal testing to assure their safety to consumers, such as cosmetics. These are the kind of products mentioned by NGOs such as HSI. The products that we export for sale in Mainland China, being our soaps and dental care products, have so far not been classified as cosmetics by the Chinese authorities, so there is no reason to assume that they might be subject to such testing. We also sell some products online across the border to individual Chinese consumers located in certain trade zones such as Shanghai. So far, animal testing has not been required for such sales. This was confirmed to us independently as recently as August last year, by PETA and the NGO they work with (IIVS).”

At that point, this is the record of goods that Weleda used to be promoting in China (no cosmetics or skin care the use of “special use ingredients” – simplest cleaning soap and dental merchandise, which the Chinese don’t classify as “cosmetics”):

Calendula Toothpaste

Children’s Toothgel

Plant Toothgel

Ratanhia Toothpaste

Ratanhia Mouthwash

Salt Toothpaste

Calendula Soap

Iris Soap

Rose Soap

Rosemary Soap

They also are promoting by way of two web pages positioned in Hong Kong (a area that doesn’t apply the similar animal trying out rules as mainland China):

JD Global (

Tmall  (

I believe you’ll see why Weleda used to be at the start on my non-cruelty-free record, but if they clarified the ideas, I got rid of them from my primary cruelty loose emblem record. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice they have been on that previous put up, and that’s what has been shared (and long past viral). I’m sorry Weleda needed to take care of the fallout from this and I’m hoping this may set the report immediately.

This simply is going to turn that you just actually can not consider the whole lot you learn on the web. You HAVE to do your analysis! Please consult with my cruelty loose emblem record sooner than purchasing as I stay it up to date frequently (you’ll see the edit date on the most sensible).

Animal trying out is nonetheless felony in many nations together with the USA and it’s nonetheless a serious problem. Although animal trying out has been banned within the EU, India, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and Norway, it’s nonetheless felony in these types of spaces to promote FROM those areas TO mainland China (the place animal trying out is required for imported cosmetics). This is a big loophole that implies even if the manufacturers aren’t trying out, they are able to nonetheless permit China to check on their behalf.

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