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Tonya Harding's Ice Skating Costumes Really Did Look Like That – Down to Every Sequin and Bead

Perhaps it is because I am a manner gal thru and thru, however the only scene from I, Tonya that caught with me maximum was once an in depth-up of Margot Robbie (as former Olympic determine skater Tonya Harding) proper ahead of starting a regimen, dressed in a couple of glowing Chanel earrings. Actually, all the kitschy skating costumes intrigued me. “Did Tonya’s costumes look exactly like this throughout her career, and why do they make me feel almost . . . uncomfortable?” I instantly started to marvel as I watched the movie.

Turns out, the off-placing look of Tonya’s signature glance was once practical. Costume fashion designer Jennifer Johnson very correctly displayed the ensembles Tonya wore (lots of which her mom LaVona sewed by means of hand) which judges thought to be to be “tasteless” or “tacky.”

“With Tonya, as a result of she’s a difficult individual, she’s no longer afraid to voice her opinion and she does no longer specifically imagine herself extremely-female, so the skating costumes have been at all times red and pink, and colours that have been most likely somewhat uncomfortable for her in actual lifestyles. Then, she began making extra money, and being in a position to have the funds for her Louis Vuitton bag. She has Chanel earrings and a pleasing leather-based jacket and she’s surely extra sober in her colour alternatives as the violence escalates . . . I like that Tonya actually at all times stated, ‘No. This is who I’m, and please concentrate.’ I simply idea that was once actually attention-grabbing. That, to me, makes her actually a formidable determine within the sports activities global, as a result of that global is like a ballet. It has such a lot of laws, and it is form of like cotillion, the foundations of get dressed and conduct and how ladies must act,” Johnson informed Deadline.

Johnson additionally informed Vogue that once she was once presented to Tonya Harding at a celebration, “She gave me a big hug and said, ‘My God! When I was watching the movie I thought, how did they get a hold of my skating costumes and my clothes?'” If you could have any doubt, at this level, that Jennifer Johnson is somewhat gifted, learn on to evaluate a few of Tonya’s maximum memorable skating outfits with the close to-similar replicas created for Margot Robbie.

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