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Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Review

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Tria is a widely known logo for growing laser software that can be utilized at domestic. They create quite simple machines which can be very efficient and simple to make use of for any person. They are very protected as smartly. Today, the software that I can be reviewing from tria is “Hair Removal Laser Precision”, which is supposed for use on face or delicate spaces of the outside.

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Review


Product Description:
With 3 times the getting rid of power of different at-home hair removing gadgets, Tria’s Hair Removal Laser Precision grants protected, rapid and everlasting effects. Using professional-strength diode laser generation, this leading edge remedy goals pigment in hair’s follicles, which reasons the hair to fall out and the follicle to be ‘switched off’. With persevered use – the follicle is completely disabled this means that that hair now not grows – leaving small, delicate spaces (like face, bikini line or underarms) ever clean and in a position to reveal. In scientific research, the tool has proven a 70% relief in hair re-growth after simply 2 therapies and after three months, the vast majority of follicles were deactivated in order that simplest uncommon touch-u.s.are essential. Please bear in mind that the tool will NOT paintings in the event you hair is gray, blonde or pink and that it isn’t appropriate with the ones for darker pores and skin tones. It is designed to paintings on honest to mild brown pores and skin tones and lightweight brown to black hair.

Packaging: There are two colors which can be presented within the precision style, white and red. I went with red. The software is rather at hand and is moderately weighted. There is a gap at the best from the place laser emits. There is a button at the frame with 3 lighting fixtures, indicating the extent of remedy. The identify of the emblem is imprinted on the frame itself.

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Review Laser

My Experience with Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision:

I’ve hair progress on my chin and neck and this has been my saviour. Tria hair removing laser precision is the most recent style presented by means of tria and is rather at hand and travel-friendly. It comes with a charger and it’s an one time funding. If you’re uninterested in hair progress and feature long gone thru more than a few laser remedy and didn’t get effects, I’d extremely suggest this. The simplest downside is that it gained’t paintings on deep pores and skin tones.

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Review with Charger

The idea of this moveable laser device is that it might probably differentiate between the hair color and the outside tone. The device is in reality easy to make use of. All it’s important to do is press the button to modify on and once it’s on, simply press the laser section on your pores and skin which can hit upon climate it’s absolute best on your pores and skin tone or now not. As quickly because it reveals out that it might probably cross together with your pores and skin tone, its going to begin routinely.

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Review Tool

Then, you’ll be able to set the depth of the remedy. One is the most secure and lightest and this will have to be proceeded to start with. Second and 3rd are robust remedy and is for individuals who have long gone thru degree 1 and will tolerate slight ache of degree 2 or three.

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Review Settings

It is suggested to make use of as soon as each and every 2 weeks, however I’ve been the use of it as soon as in each and every week for remaining 2 months. But earlier than beginning with the remedy, it’s important to prep your pores and skin by means of shaving the world you’re going to deal with. Clean the world after which, continue with the remedy.


After unlocking the tool, simply lie flat the laser tip at the house you need to regard and grasp it until you listen beep sound. Once you listen beep, carry and transfer to subsequent house of the outside masking the former one. Cover all the house you need to regard. It may really feel just a little tingly and likewise may get pink, however it is going to get standard in an hour or so.

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Review Laser End

After the use of for each and every as soon as in per week for two months, my hair progress has grow to be thinner and softer and there may be 60% much less progress than earlier. Another problem with that is that, because the laser house is small, it’s taking extra time on greater spaces of pores and skin.

Pros of Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision:

  • Handy and travel-friendly.
  • One time funding.
  • For delicate spaces.
  • Has three ranges of remedy.
  • Can be achieved at domestic.
  • Easy to make use of.

Cons of Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision:

  • Doesn’t paintings on deep pores and skin tones.
  • Takes time on greater spaces because it has small laser house.
  • Can be just a little painful if used on upper ranges.

IMBB Rating: four.eight/five
Do I Recommend Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision?

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Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Review

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