Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review

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I’ve picked up a couple of new merchandise from Vega not too long ago and I’m right here to percentage my enjoy with a kind of merchandise. Today, I’m sharing my perspectives on Vega Face Cleaning Pads FCP 01. I considered giving this cleansing pads a check out after studying the overview of face cleansing pad by means of another emblem on IMBB. Let’s get into the overview.

Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review

INR 150 for two devices.

Product Description:
Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review Details

My Experience with Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad:

Vega Face Cleaning Pads FCP 01 is available in a cardboard pack. The product description and utilization directions are discussed at the again of the pack. The product is composed of 2 spherical pads. These pads are white in color and made of soppy cotton cloth. There is a again strip at the different facet of the cleaning pad to carry it. There is a skinny foam stuffed within the pads to make it extra absorbent.

Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review Package

Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review Description

All I’ve to do is to rainy the pad with water and gently wipe off the make-up. I additionally poured 2-Three drops of almond oil after wetting it with water. On first swipe, it wiped off 50% of the make-up. After 2-Three swipes, the entire make-up was once long past. As it’s made of soppy cloth, it feels delicate of the surface. The woven development exfoliates the surface. On the first actual use, it feels a bit of harsh for the surface across the eyes.

Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review

Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review Strap

After a couple of washes, the pads change into softer and excellent to make use of for the subtle pores and skin. These are cleanable pads and therefore reusable. But, washing it really well after which drying it really well is a will have to for hygiene objective. I washed it with delicate shampoo and solar dried it.

Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review Single Pad

Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review Hand Swatch

I appreciated those pads as they serve the aim really well. But, washing and drying it’s an additional job. Also, I don’t suppose they’re travel-friendly. While travelling, it’s not conceivable so that you can wash and dry them. During that point, cotton pads or wipes will probably be to hand.

Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review After Using

Pros of Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad:

  • Soft absorbent cloth.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Wipes off make-up really well.
  • Gentle to the facial pores and skin.
  • Cleans the surface really well.
  • Exfoliates a bit of.
  • Affordable.
  • Easily to be had.

Cons of Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad:

  • Washing and drying is an additional job.
  • Packaging may have been higher.
  • Not travel-friendly.

IMBB Rating: 2.five/five
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad?
Although Vega Face Cleaning Pads are excellent at eliminating make-up, I don’t to find them very travel-friendly and hygienic. I can now not purchase them once more. I believe you’ll be able to skip it too.

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Vega FCP-01 Face Cleaning Pad Review

Overall ranking:

out of
five in accordance with


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