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Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil Review

Hello IMBBians,

When I used to be travelling, I picked up a small bathe gel from a pharmacy and lately’s evaluation is all about Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil. Read on to grasp extra concerning the product.

Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil Review

$16.95 for 200ml

Product Description:
Cleansing Gel-Oil with out cleaning soap for in- bathe use. Transform your pores and skin in 20 seconds. Your day by day bathe turns into a spa enjoy with this gel-oil frame cleanser enriched with Vichy thermal spa water with 15 mineral energetic elements and naturals oils.

Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil Review Tube Backside


  • Hydrates, illuminates, beautifies
  • Daily use
  • Sensitive skin- No parabens


  • Skin glow improving minerals
  • Cutanic motion (magnesium) &oligo-elements ( copper & Zinc)

Reinforces the surface with 15 minerals

Balance Three sorts of lipids within the pores and skin


  • Tested on delicate pores and skin below dermatological keep an eye on
  • Hypoallergenic
  • With Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Spa Water , soothing and fortifying
  • No Parabens


Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil Review Ingredients

My Experience with Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil:

The product is available in a blue tinted tube bundle with a blue turn cap. The cap is sealed with a plastic. The bundle is lovable and may be very at hand, particularly while you trip. The cap closes tight however now not with a click on. I haven’t observed any leakage from it. The hollow of the dispenser may be very tiny and this makes me use minimal product as conceivable. I generally use a loofah and at all times finally end up with a large number of product. But, I just like the design of this product, which minimizes the surplus use of the bathe gel. The bathe gel is gentle sea inexperienced to light in colour with a runny gel like consistency and scents very delightful, spa like. There are 2 variants of amount, 100ml and 200ml. Since I used to be travelling, I picked up the smaller one.

Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil Review Cap Open

The product lathers neatly with a loofah however you can’t be expecting the similar with out it. When you utilize your palm to unfold the gel, the bathe gel sticks onto your palm and this decreases the spreading potency and the product remains at one position. Even the product has oil, it infrequently has an oily texture nor can or not it’s felt. The bathe gel is soap-free and can be utilized to exchange cleaning soap to your regimen. One of the good stuff concerning the product is that it doesn’t make the surface dry. Winters are harsh and I generally pimp up my regimen with thick creamy bathe gels and creams however, I used to be amazed how this gel works even in winters. There was once no dryness and I used to be ready to move lotion-free for greater than 2-Three hours. It didn’t dry even after that however, I observe since I sought after a bit of moisturization.

Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil Review Product on Hand

The product is appropriate for all pores and skin varieties and doesn’t motive any inflammation or redness. The bathe gel additionally hydrates the surface and provides existence to it. It makes the surface plump and really comfortable. The product gets rid of any dry flakes provide and soothes the surface. The product with its energetic minerals energizes the surface and beautifies as claimed. The product provides a refined glow at the pores and skin too however, it’s extra of a cleansed wholesome glance. The gel cleanses the surface completely however, if in case you have oiled your pores and skin, a bit of paintings in wanted. The product additionally controls frame smell which is superb! The product is unfastened from cleaning soap, paraben and SLS. I don’t have negatives to jot down in this product. This is a terrific will have to have product for me. I would love to take a look at the bathe cream from the similar vary to test on its makes use of!

Pros of Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil:

Travel-friendly and sealed bundle.
Pleasant spa like perfume.
Lathers neatly with a loofah.
Doesn’t make pores and skin dry for lengthy classes and eliminates dry flakes.
Provides intense hydration and nourishment to the surface.
Doesn’t motive any redness or inflammation to the surface.
Adds a refined glow to the surface.
Controls frame smell.
Enriched with energetic minerals.
Free from cleaning soap, paraben and SLS

Cons of Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil:

None for me!

IMBB Rating: five/five
Would I Recommend or Repurchase Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil:
Yes to each!

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Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Oil Review

Overall ranking:

out of
five in accordance with


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