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We're Addicted to FX's The Assassination of Gianni Versace Simply For the Clothes

The web is humming about American Crime Story season two, which is focused on the homicide of Gianni Versace. The overdue dressmaker was once shot in entrance of his Miami seashore retreat house in 1997, and if the plot (and real-life tale) intrigues you to this point, wait till you notice the garments. Co-costume designers Allison Leach and Lou Eyrich handiest had 5 weeks to put in combination all the appears to be like you notice on the display (the style area of Versace was once no longer concerned with the challenge), and in interviews, they shared that they sourced genuine Versace items from eBay retail outlets, Etsy dealers, and high-end consignment stores like The Way We Wore. The ultimate product was once a myriad of surprising Versace re-creations that seemed like they got here directly from the ’90s.

“We paid special attention to the fit of the clothes because the ’90s were worn so oversized and we made sure the t-shirts and dress shirts were off-the-shoulder and had to research the correct width of the tie, the drop of the lapel, and the fit of the pants,” Allison stated to CR Fashion Book. “A lot them were higher waisted and looser in the leg and down to every last background person, we really tried to achieve the period feel.”

Given how a lot paintings went into crafting outfits and seeing how Penélope Cruz portrays Donatella Versace, this display is certain to depart a mark on the style international. For those that have not tuned in but, the footage forward will persuade you to watch the long term episodes ASAP (if no longer for the tale, a minimum of for the garments).

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