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Why Pink Is the Most Empowering Color on the SAG Awards Red Carpet

When the stars flooded the SAG Awards purple carpet only a day after the Women’s March, there have been without a doubt some who persisted to turn their team spirit for the Time’s Up motion in black robes; even though this time, it used to be the ladies in purple that were given our consideration. They took the highlight in various sunglasses of petal purple and vivid fuchsia — possibly a nod to these well-known purple protest hats? In any case, we beloved seeing the colour taking on with seems from each Hollywood vets and our favourite emerging stars — we are taking a look at you Millie Bobby Brown.

Maybe it used to be all a accident, however we could not lend a hand however really feel impressed to look such a lot of in the hue so steadily related to womanliness and tenderness, reminding us to embody our femininity and put on it proudly.

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