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 We wish to share with nurses and other healthcare professionals our experiences and thoughts concerning the complexities involved in caring for people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our hope is to give you some idea of the range of cultural behaviors and the need to understand people's actions from their own cultural perspective in health and illness.

-Its is our intention to promote understanding not prejudice-


Basic  Concepts   Basic theoretical  concepts, culture, cultural values, assessment measures, cultural factors and anthropological principles.
Case Studies  Actual incidents of conflict and misunderstanding that occur in U.S. hospitals. Religion, family, birth and other topics. Cultural profiles.
Cultural Competency  Numerous reasons justify the need for cultural competence in health care at the patient-provider level.
About Us  Who are we?
Third World Nursing  Nursing in a third world country, are you ready?  Drawing from our own experiences, we discuss what to consider before taking the plunge.
References  Our suggested reading list -Browse the book reviews or use the search engine to find any book.


Viewers are encouraged to help make this an "interactive" and continually changing site by submitting interesting case reports and anecdotes of actual problems that occur as a result of cultural differences.
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 Transcultural Nursing:  Basic Concepts & Case Studies 

Authors: Victor M. Fernandez  RN, BSN and Kathy M. Fernandez  RN, BSN
On line August 5, 1997.   Most recent revision- November, 2011

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